GuD power plant, Lorraine
The new GuD power plant in Lorraine. Effective immediately, reliable enrgy for a million households.

At Full Power for France

France’s biggest gas-and-steam power plant, in Lorraine, was commissioned this year.

This was a mega-project in power plant construction. And everything had to be done really fast. The entire infrastructure had to be set in place at the construction site in record time after the order was placed. From setting up the site warehouse to all the interaction with various government agencies, the site team put in a performance of the highest class in this phase.
The numbers involved in the project itself were highly impressive. The engineering department generated no less than 850 isometric drawings of the pipeline systems. At peak times, the project managers co-ordinated up to 130 workers. 700 tonnes of pipes for steam, compressed air, lubrication, cooling water circuit etc. were installed. And in parallel, a special network of pipes was installed just for cleaning all these pipes.
The high-tech materials presented a special challenge. The highly heat-resistant materials had to be tempered for up to 24 hours at 740°C. The entire pipeline system was constructed in accordance with the ANSI standard.
The biggest G&S power plant in France has since successfully completed its trial runs. About a million households now have a reliable energy supply.
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Cleanliness of the pipeline systems
Kremsmueller installed a separate pipe system for the chemical cleaning and steam-blasting of the systems.
Welding professional
The highly heat-resistant materials presented quite a challenge for the welders.
G&S power plant
A Kremsmueller engineer inspects the rapid-action valve of the steam turbine.