Thanks to an innovative clamping fixture, the material loss in the die bending process is zero percent.

As efficient as a chip production line

As a builder of industrial plants, Kremsmueller was an exotic species among the participants in the Fabrik2015 Awards – but was still among the winners

The workshop at the Steinhaus location was thoroughly examined by the Fraunhofer-Austria Institute. Whose manufacturing is the most efficient? That was the key question being asked for the ‘Fabrik2015’ award. As a manufacturer of industrial plants, Kremsmueller was thought to be a complete outsider among the mass producers of electronics and chips, with small chances to be among the finalists – wrongly, as events showed. “We won points in a lot of categories. The jury was convinced by the amount of innovation in pressure vessels and large steel construction parts. To win the silver medal in this field of top-class participants is big recognition for us“, says Gregor Kremsmueller. The Fraunhofer-Austria production specialist Christina Lemmerer liked the company credo: maximum automation and digitisation within the process steps, maximum flexibility between them. A recipe for success for the Kremsmueller production, which has to adapt itself to the most varied conditions – from smart jobbing production of components weighing tonnes to partly standardised production sequences.

You can read all the background information about the finalists in the big Fabrik2015 cover story of the cooperation partner “Das Österreichische Industriemagazin” or the Austrian Industrial Magazine. The online version can be read here.
Gregor Kremsmueller and Wolfgang Leitner accepted the prize from President of the Nationalbank Claus Raidl and Hans Florian Zangerl, publisher of the Industrial Magazine (r.). (Photo: Matthias Heschl)