API Kremsmueller
Precision parts from the mechanical workshop.

API certified

Kremsmueller gets the highest certification of the petrochemicals industry

The team at the mechanical workshop in Krieglach recently mastered the top international certification of the petrochemicals industry: the API. It now entitles Kremsmueller to manufacture any part for the conveying technology of crude oil and guarantees the customer the highest level of international quality standards in the petrochemicals industry.

In Austria, there are only four operations that have been awarded the API. In all of Europe, there are only three auditors who certify compliance. This is once again a demonstration of the top quality standards in the Kremsmueller group.

The abbreviation API stands for the world’s biggest and most influential interest group of the oil and gas industry: the American Petroleum Institute. 
It also governs spare parts production, which is of particular importance for the deployments of the Kremsmueller Service Team in the oilfields.

The mechanical workshop of Kremsmueller in the Styrian town of Krieglach has specialised in the manufacture of special parts. Apart from the fabrication of parts for the oilfield service, in the last few years, a large number of special machines were developed for the most varied sectors.
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