The crown. Motivation to get involved in the welfare of socially or physically disadvantaged persons in the future

And the crown goes to…

… the support programme for innovative social projects – Kremsmueller 4 Life!

The crown, awarded the first time in 2010, is a prize for recognising noteworthy social involvement of industries. Kremsmueller was handed over this special prize in March this year. The social programme, Kresmsmueller 4 Life, focuses on sustainable involvement for socially disadvantaged persons with particular emphasis on out-of-the-ordinary projects.
The crown is a wonderful confirmation of the work done and shows that work done and shows that social involvement for the weaker sections in society is publicly recognised. With regard to future projects, the crown is a big motivation to continue to work for persons that need special support and help.
One example of the multiplicity of promotional projects of Kremsmueller 4 Life is that of the Hospice Movement (of) Wels: The employees there spent a lot of time in the tedious management of the patient files and records. This leaft even less time for their most important task: Taking care of and helping the needy.
Kremsmueller 4 Life financed the purchase of a software tool. The program is now running on the smartphones of the care-givers. The employees of the hospice can now record important data immediately while mobile. By means of this software, it became possible to once again direct the focus on the important work: taking care of and helping the hospice patients. The tedious paperwork was reduced to a minimum in the Wels hospice.
Innovative social projects can apply for project support from the "Kremsmueller 4 Life" program. More on that at
Hospice Movement of Wels
Gregor Kremsmueller hands over the software package to the ladies of the Wels Hospice Movement