Transmisison tower
It is not enough to just have a head for heights on a mobile tower -if there is a wind, you need a strong stomach as well.

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New service from KTT: Maintenance of mobile communications stations

Five teams from Kremsmueller Tankstellentechnik have been on the march from Vorarlberg to Burgenland for the last one year, maintaining transmission tower stations of an Austrian mobile service provider. The two-man teams are coordinated from the KTT base in Krieglach. Kremsmueller has been operating the telecommunications engineering“ business division since  the end of the nineties – – i.e. right from the time that cellular phone technology established itself. Now, experts from KTT are reinforcing the original team of communications professionals.
The teams maintain the transmission tower stations from the foundation up to the tip of the tower. Depending on the requirement, air conditioning maintenance is carried out, batteries weighing up to 35 kilos are measured and replaced, the electrical and lightning rod certificate measurements are carried out and sometimes, even the greenery around the transmission towers is cared for. For this work, more than 6,500 working hours were distributed across the – so far – approximately 1,600 „sites". 62 GB of photographic material of equipment was collected and 1,600 safety protocols and logs for tested safety ladder fall protection were filled out.
Despite having navigation systems, it is not always easy to find the deployment location: the stations are often hidden, camouflaged on the rooftops of houses, in church towers, on high-voltage and railway towers as well as in lift stations or in the middle of a forest.
The teams are on the march under all kinds of weather conditions – whether it is brilliant sunshine, rain or snow. Only when there is a real threatening danger do the team leaders, in consultation with the customer, interrupt the work. So far, the men have had to retreat only rarely: once during a storm and once when they were attacked by wasps.

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This mobile communications station is located at 3,000m above mean sea level in the mountation station Fisserjoch in Tyrol.
The perfect training for deployment: The technicians ran up to the ninth floor 6 times with full tool packs.
Mobile communications station
Transmission towers are often located even in remote forests.