Environmentally efficient technology from Kremsmueller being deployed for natural gas and crude oil transportation.

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From now on, engineering for the oil and gas industry will come from Schwechat

For years now, plant construction for the petrochemicals industry has been the strength of the Kremsmueller branch in Schwechat near Vienna. This facility has now been successfully expanded with the complete engineering and the design of special components for the oil and gas sector.
One of the first projects has now been commissioned. When oil is pumped, the so-called annular space gas is always released. Earlier, it was simply burnt. To be able to satisfy the environmental regulations that are becoming ever more stringent, the engineers of Kremsmueller, in collaboration with a Canadian manufacturer, developed a so-called beam gas compressor for European standards.
The gas is sucked off using this compressor, and compressed. To be also able to use it, the team of experts has developed a dust and liquid separator. It is placed immediately downstream of the compressor and is already in use in the plant.
With immediate effect, 400m3 of additional natural gas is now being pumped, thanks to the technology from Kremsmueller
There are always willing listeners at Kremsmueller for innovative solutions. There is a team of outstanding engineers, passionate and with years of experience, involved in realizing 100% reliable plants.
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