Modernization of a refinery
The refinery is now at the leading edge of technology.

A Strong Partner in Petrochemistry

Umpteen thousand welds – and each one must be perfect.

Last year, Kremsmueller Industrieanlagenbau achieved a veritable modernization push in the refinery of a leading European petroleum corporation.
Growing capacities and demands necessitated a modification of the gas transfer system. Process furnaces were also refurbished and modernized. A condensate mixer, including the 72-inch hot gas line, was built from scratch. Add to this a number of collateral pipeline and steel construction projects that were entrusted to the experts from Kremsmueller.
Quality and safety standards required a team excelling in know-how, dedication and flexibility. The number of employees reached a high of 150 during the summer.
In 190,000 man-hours, Kremsmueller employees handled 14,000 welds and a total installation weight of over 1000 tons. The new facilities were incorporated on schedule. The customer was delighted by the flawless quality the experts from Kremsmueller delivered.

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Cooling water systems in the petrochemistry
The cooling water systems were rebuilt by Kremsmueller’s pipeline specialists.
Perfect Teamwork for the petrochemistry
The supply lines were prefabricated in the workshop at Schwechat.