Ceramics art work from Ploiesti
The much-awarded ceramics artists are enjoying their new equipment and tools.

A Project for Children

As multifaceted as the services of the Kremsmueller Group itself are, so is this year’s social project by the Kremsmueller Group for Romanian children.

In the ceramics workshop of the village pieces are created that have already won numerous awards in competitions. Focused investments in tools and machinery have made the young artists even more professional. Safe power supply in the workshop was ensured by the electrical experts from Kremsmueller.
The IT and electrical engineering departments set up a state-of-the-art computer room where the young people learn skills critical for their future careers. Later on, an Internet shop will be created in the computer room to market the ceramics from the workshop. And finally, the village’s karate team will be supported with new training equipment.
A well-rounded project that fosters mental, manual and physical abilities. Kremsmueller can proudly say: We put things in motion and laid a foundation for the children – for the start into a new life full of hope.
Find out more about Concordia at www.concordia.co.at
A computer room for the children’s village
The young people enthusiastically learn skills that will benefit their professional lives.
The Concordia children’s village
Our employees were met with lots of joy in the Concordia children’s village.
Karate at Concordia
With the new equipment, the karate team can fine-tune their training.