Service for storage tanks
Tankserv is in action in all size categories - right up to the huge refinery tanks.

A New Company is Formed

Tankserv is a reliable partner for all projects in the area of tank repairing and upkeep.

The Kremsmueller Group and the Viennese company Ferropan have together founded the company Tankserv. Tankserv provides the product and service range of a complete provider with path-breaking technologies. The team that has been formed is a formidable one, which has set itself the ambitious goal of sustainably lengthening the service life of tanks.
The core competences of the team include customised service concepts and innovative methods for coating, sealing and corrosion protection. Tankserv can also carry out a thorough inspection and cleaning of storage tanks. Customised roofing and draining solutions protect the contents of the tanks. The complete range of equipment  and accessories – like fire protection systems, piping  and scaffolding – round off the offering.
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