asha deep
A nurse weighing a tiny patient at the station. Doctors and nurses at the clinic ensure a healthy start in life for the little ones.

A helping hand into life

Complete equipment for the obstetrics station of an Indian clinic

The Namaskar India association has taken a big task upon itself: Last year, with tremendous commitment and collective energy, a clinic was built to provide basic medical facilities to the entire Bagalkot region in India. Kremsmueller 4 Life has taken on the responsibility for the equipment for the obstetrics station.

From the baby weighing scales to an ultrasonic device: the doctors and nurses at the hospital with the quite apposite name Asha Deep (Light of Hope) now have what they need for their day-to-day work. Often, expectant mothers have to undertake very long and arduous journeys from the hinterland to reach the clinic and to safely give birth to their children.

Thanks to the support and commitment of numerous helpers, the nurses and doctors have already been able to start work in full swing. A short while ago, students of the medical faculty held a two-week workshop in the clinic. The focus was on giving practical knowledge. 

There is an urgent need to expand the medical infrastructure in India. The infant mortality rate is still frighteningly high. That of the mothers, at about 150,000 deaths a year, is also alarming. The reasons for this are a shortage of medical equipment and very bad hygienic conditions. 

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