SCC Audit
Year after year, DI Uwe Kettmann (on the right) inspects the safety management at Kremsmueller.

A Conversation with an SCC Auditor

With business associate Uwe Kettmann, Kremsmueller is on the safe side.

Since when have you been involved with the subject of safety?
Since 18 years, I have been employed by TÜV SÜD in Dresden. In the beginning, I provided support to companies as a consulting safety engineer. Since 1996, I have been working as the lead auditor for quality and safety management systems and my area of operations covers the entire European and Asian zone.
What are the advantages that buyers  of certified companies have?
These companies can be sure that their collaborators that have been certified according to SCC, like Kremsmueller, have done the maximum in the domain of labour safety.
Does Kremsmueller also benefit from the management system?
The processes of labour safety are optimally regulated. The employees can thus be sure that everything will be done to protect their health and to keep their workplaces safe.
What do you think of the collaboration with Kremsmüller?
I have been involved with doing work for the Kremsmueller Group ever since I qualified as an auditor 13 years ago. The association has evolved over the years into a real partnership, which is marked by mutual respect between the partners. During my visits, I notice very clearly that in the Kremsmueller Group, labour safety is considered to be an integral task – and this is the case at all levels from the management to the stores clerk.
What is the importance of the SCC in general competition?
Specifically for service providers to large industries, SCC represents a real competitive advantage. This is because in addition to quality and price, the aspects of labour safety, health and environment protection play a significant role. Apart from the chemical and petrochemical industry, energy service providers have also made the management system a standard.
To what extent do the efforts of Kremsmueller manifest themselves in matters of safety?
In the sector, Kremsmueller clearly stands out through a significantly lower frequency of accidents. Healthy, satisfied employees and safe workplaces underline this. And therefore, I look forward to continuing a long and fruitful association with Kremsmueller.