Welding at the highest level
The welding experts from Kremsmueller deliver precision work even at a height of 30 metres.

4000 Tonnes of Quality

One of the most modern and cleanest power plants in Europe: implementation by Kremsmueller.

The steam generator fitters installed 2,000 tonnes of boiler modules plus 1,595 tonnes of steel structure and 230 tonnes of piping. Another 100 tonnes of piping, borne by 50 tonnes of supporting material, were fitted on the machine shop floor. As many as 180 personnel put in their very best efforts to ensure that the plant could go operational in time. 
The materials testing experts inspected practically every welding seam of the new power plant. They could only confirm the outstanding quality of the work.
The power plant is a combined gas and steam turbine plant. The fuel can thus be used twice. In the gas turbine, electricity is generated with an ignited gas-air mixture. The exhaust gas that results is used in a heat recovery boiler to generate steam. This in turn generates energy in the steam turbine.
But the power plant is not just very efficient. It also makes an important contribution to climate protection. Natural gas, with two-thirds less CO2 emission, is a particularly environment-friendly source of energy. In addition, there result 85% less nitrogen oxides, which are responsible for acid rain and the formation of smog.
The efficiency, i.e. the proportion of cost to benefit, is 60%, which his more or less the limit of what is technically achievable. From the autumn, the 400-MW power plant will generate a good 2,500 Gigawatt-hours of electricity per year. This corresponds to the average annual consumption of 700,000 households. In addition, there is the recovery of thermal energy: about 140 Gigawatt-hours of distance heating can be tapped from the plant.
You can read more on gas-and-steam power plants here wikipedia.com
Spectacular installation
The boiler, weighting 2370 tonnes, will be later suspended from this supporting grid.
Non-destructive materials testing
The surface of the collector is examined for cracks in a magnetic particle test.
The noise muffler can trap sound intensities up to 130 decibels. This corresponds to the noise level of a rocket blast-off.