20 years of Kremsmueller Leipzig

In full deployment after reunification

After „50 years of Kremsmueller" and „10 years of Kremsmueller Krieglach", there is another anniversary to celebrate in 2011. Kremsmueller Leipzig came into being 20 years ago – on 11 December 1991 –
Right from the end of the 70s, fitters from Kremsmueller used to work in the erstwhile German Democratic Republic. They were involved in installation work for chemical industrial Groups as also for the Wartburg automobile factory in Eisenach. There was even a marmalade factory among the customers.
The starting of a subsidiary company was the next logical step after the fall of the Berlin wall.  Premises admeasuring 12,000 m² with a workshop, stores and offices were bought in an old industrial plot. The latter were completely renovated and expanded in 2001.
Today, not having the highly qualified staff from Kremsmueller Leipzig at the construction sites of the Group is not conceivable any more. Are you interested in further details on the services offered in Leipzig? Clicking on "Contact" will help you directly reach your contact person.