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We perfect pipeline construction.

Our experience makes the difference

Since 1961 we have been active in plant engineering and pipeline construction. Over the decades, we have been able to build up a huge amount of experience and continue to perfect our technical qualifications. Our employees have always been known for their high-quality welding work. All this distinguishes us when it comes to piping systems for a wide range of industries, nominal sizes and media.

Pipeline & plant construction

Assembly and industrial services

These activities have been part of our central services since the company was founded. We cover a wide range of specific work over the entire life cycle of an industrial plant. From project planning to assembly and maintenance. Supplemented by a comprehensive portfolio of additional services such as mobile and stationary mechanical processing. The ideal form of assignment is determined together: From simple personnel services to comprehensive framework or flat-rate contracts.

  • Project and site management
  • Planning and installation engineering
  • Machine and equipment installation
  • Use of all welding processes (EN and ASME)
  • Steel constructions
  • Plant migration from dismantling to re-commissioning
  • Installation of storage and conveying systems
  • Provision of installation personnel: from supervisors to highly qualified fitters and special welders
  • Working in Ex-areas
  • Repairs and adaptations of mechanical components (also according to API certification)
  • Supply and installation of hydraulic, pneumatic and central lubrication systems

Pipeline & plant construction

Pipeline construction

Underground pipes of all nominal widths and dimensions. State-of-the-art equipment and technology. Committed, safety-conscious and superbly trained employees. That’s pipeline construction at Kremsmueller.

In the sensitive area of energy supply, Kremsmueller covers all the requirements of the sector. Starting with the district heating piping, which leads from the thermal power station directly to the end user, and the construction of gas tanks and distributor stations, up to the laying of kilometres-long crude oil conveying pipes.

The machinery and devices are completely tailored to meet the challenges of pipeline construction. The very latest pipe-laying caterpillar cranes and welding machines guarantee precision even under difficult weather conditions.

  • Engineering
  • District heating
  • Gas conveying pipes
  • Gas compression and distribution stations
  • Crude oil conveying pipes
  • Water supply pipes
  • Culvert pipes, bridge suspensions
  • Repairs and inspection

Pipeline & plant construction

Media, machinery and process piping

Power plants. Paper and cellulose industry. Steel industry. Chemical and petrochemicals industry. Food and pharmaceuticals industry. These are just a few of the industrial sectors whose lifelines are pipeline systems. Just a few of the industrial sectors for whose lifelines we have borne responsibility for more than 50 years.

Starting with the planning and manufacture up to installation and maintenance. Kremsmueller covers the entire gamut of industrial pipeline construction in all nominal widths and for a large number of media, be it highly heat resistant steels for fresh steam pipes in power plants or high-alloy steel types for transport pipes in the chemical industry or in the area of installation of steel constructions, machines and equipment.

  • Stainless steel pipes DN15 to DN1500 (or higher) for various media, water, chemicals
  • Steam pipes DN15 to DN1000 for heat supply and process heat
  • Carbon steel pipes DN15 to DN3000 for process water supplies, power plant pressure pipes, refrigerating lines, furnace gas pipes etc.
  • Installation of equipment such as pumps, fittings, heat exchangers, filters, separators, tanks, pulpers, columns etc.
  • Hydraulic pipes of stainless steel and carbon steel up to DN150 and 600 bar
  • Piping of lubrication plants in the paper and steel industry
  • Detailed planning with tension/elongation calculation, pressure loss calculations
  • District heating/ refrigeration lines, underground
  • Gas pipes (steel and plastic PE) and pipelines, underground
  • Plastic pipes (PP, PE, PVC, PVDF) for various media
  • Fresh installation, renovation and shutdown work

Pipeline & plant construction

Thermal and refrigeration engineering piping

Biomass plants. Thermal power station piping. Refrigerating plants. Transformer and transfer stations.

With Kremsmueller, in the area of thermal and regenerative energy supply, you can count on the use of modern technologies and the comprehensive know-how of a plant construction company.

Energy generation. Kremsmueller can take care of the planning, supply and installation of turnkey power stations and heating centres for the energy supply to individual residential areas, or even entire city boroughs. All the required trades are combined to achieve this. All the strings are controlled by one sure hand.

Transport pipes. This includes the planning, supply and installation of piping systems of all materials, nominal widths and media. The routing is drawn up in closed or open construction, above ground level or by means of trenches. Particular emphasis is placed here on the renaturation.

Consumption plants. Beginning with the installation of the pipeline network, the inlet and exhaust air systems up to transformer and transfer stations, including the required I&C installations.

  • Piping of thermal power stations (biomass plants, waste incineration plants)
  • Oil and gas furnaces
  • Plants for water, steam and ORC processes
  • Media piping
  • Laying of transport pipes.
  • Piping of heating and refrigeration plants for industry and trade
  • Drying chamber connections
  • Transformer and transfer stations including I&C
  • Steam and water circuit piping
  • Fuel supplies
  • Compressed air and auxiliary systems
  • Piping systems for sprinklers, foam extinguishers and dry powder extinguishers
  • Equipment installation
  • Plant construction services

Pipeline & plant construction


A clean source of energy. Built with maximum efficiency. The highly automated Kremsmueller machinery is perfectly tailored for the requirements of the hydro-power industry. The components made of high-strength carbon steels, often weighing hundreds of tonnes, are manufactured in the heart of Austria but are now in action in numerous power stations all over the world. The research and development in this area have concentrated on perfecting the welding technology. At Kremsmueller, materials that were earlier hardly even considered to be weldable, are now processed impeccably and with impressive precision.

Together with other technical departments such as pipeline construction or the mechanical workshops, Kremsmueller offers numerous services in the hydro-electric power sector:

  • Engineering and design calculations according to European standards
  • Pipe segments, large-diameter pipes S355 JR
  • Distributor tubes
  • Pressure pipes
  • Pipelines
  • Turbine installations
  • Equipment installation

Pipeline & plant construction

Special Applications Petrochemistry

Since the company was founded, petrochemistry has been one of the central industries in which Kremsmueller is active. All specialist areas from plant engineering and I&C engineering to apparatus and tank construction have been active in these plants for decades.

In addition, over the years a number of specialized solutions have been developed for this challenging field. From filter and environmental technology plants to an API workshop, unique in Austria, and specialized services.

  • Natural gas reducing stations
  • Dust and liquid separator
  • Cartridge filter
  • Pre-heating filter
  • Pig traps
  • Bypass and injection-odorizing systems
  • Glycol high-pressure pumps
  • Underground tank components
  • Flare systems
  • Leak Sealing
  • Fittings Service
  • Manufacturing of API certified components
  • API Pump supports
  • Beam-Gas compressors
  • Thermal reheating
  • Regenerative reheating
  • Accessories and special apparatuses
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