The base unit was lifted for welding work on the foundation.

Wonder weapon against exhaust gases

AdBlue® has enthralled the automobile industry. Kremsmueller is a supplier to the manufacturers of this innovative technology.

AdBlue® is a synthetic urea solution. In diesel catalytic converters, it converts harmful nitrogen oxides into atmospheric nitrogen and water. A delicate substance that even eats through concrete.
A great deal of attention had to be paid to this aspect during the erection of two 1,000-m³ storage tanks. The concrete base is protected by a chemically resistant coating. A layer that is not, however, heat-resistant. Therefore, the bottom of the tank was lifted from the foundation for welding. While doing so, the correct dimension was decisive: the air cushion was intended to act like an insulation. At the same time,  no strains should be created in the tank base.
The tank tracks were prefabricated in parallel in the Steinhaus fabrication shop. The nearly 12 metre high tanks were erected in a rather restricted space. In co-ordination with numerous other construction projects, Kremsmueller yet again delivered perfect quality – right on time.
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The complete AdBlue® storage tank.
The final lift
The tanks were lifted into the foundations with a 250-ton crane.