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Know-how exchange in Oklahoma City: The compressors were customised to Austrian standards in the manufacturer's factory.

Wellhead Compression

Kremsmueller collaborates to develop an Austrian model for transporting natural gas

Wellhead Compression is the name of the American compressor technology that Kremsmueller’s customer, a leading world-wide mineral oil company, uses increasingly for the less abundant natural gas deposits. Since the US standards are different from those in Austria, it was decided to design a model specially approved for Austria.

In the past years, the I&C department had to carry out modifications that always involved a lot of effort, and for the customer, were expensive as well. To save the effort and costs in future, the Kremsmueller experts travelled together with the customer to Oklahoma City to discuss and agree on all the finer details of an Austrian model with the manufacturer.

In the factory, it was possible to exchange notes on the latest electrical TÜV acceptances and customise all details. Thus, for example, the team and the manufacturer together worked on the cable fittings and cabling standards for EX-zones. The natural gas model of the compressor was also tailored to the Austrian standards. 

To be able to continue pumping gas from natural gas fields even at low wellhead internal pressure, the customer employs the American technology. The wellhead compressor increases the pressure in the transporting probe, so that it becomes higher than that in the transporting pipe. Residual quantities of gas are thus pumped efficiently.

Kremsmueller provides a wide range of services for the oilfield. They also include the beam gas compressors used for increasing the pumping capacity. How exactly they work and what unbeatable advantages they offer is described here.

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