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VIDEO: Antenna Construction at Event in Spielberg

Kremsmüller’s Telecommunications Technology Division provided optimum network performance at the Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg.

Kremsmueller was also actively involved in the preparations for the Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Moto GP in Spielberg, thereby ensuring high-speed data transmission on the race days. Over a period of 1,400 working hours, the mobile network at the Red Bull Ring was strengthened, expanded and upgraded. Installation and start-up both ran smoothly without any interruptions.

The Telecommunications Technology Division is working at full capacity with its mobile event teams. The Danube Island Festival (Donauinselfest), Nova Rock, Erzbergrodeo or the Electric Love Festival are just a few of the events where WhatsApp and Co. are pushing the limits of mobile phone providers.

The event antenna constructed by Kremsmüller promises maximum performance for smartphones. For example, videos can be shared or sent at lightning speed without overload. An evaluation of the Vienna City Marathon in April, for instance, showed a success rate of 99.94 percent with 175,000 login attempts in one hour!