Haubi's wonderful world of baking
The Kremsmueller fitters installed the giant-sized wheat ears made of wood at the spectacular company headquarters of a bakery.

Very often, something new

It does not always have to be the industry. Highly qualified fitters from Kremsmueller repeatedly show how versatile they are.

Kremsmueller carried out some installation work for an art metal works in a large bakery. The fitters decorated the bakery’s premises in the Lower Austrian town of  Petzenkirchen with gigantic wheat ears – or to be more accurate, with 180 logs of 7 metres each. The new emblem of the bakery is held in position by means of an ingenious design with steel mountings. After three weeks of work, the work of art was complete and since then, has been fascinating visitors to the innovative bakery.
The services of the "industrial climbers" from Kremsmueller were required  for an installation on Vienna’s Danube Tower. The logo of Bank Austria was to be replaced. The emblem, weighing almost 18 tonnes, was airlifted by helicopter and installed at a height of 230 metres. Since then, instead of the red wave, the resplendent UniCredit logo is perched on the highest tower in the country. According to Bank Austria, it is one of the highest-placed logos in the world, mounted on a turntable and attracting attention thanks to its effective lighting.
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Installation on the Danube Tower
Properly secured in exemplary fashion, the "industrial climbers" from Kremsmueller don't have to worry even along the 230-metre-high Danube Tower.
Installation on the Danube Tower
Kremsmueller replaces the logo of Bank Austria on the peak of the Danube Tower.