Kremsmueller valves and accessories service Maintenance seal seat gate valve grinding
Grinding the seal seat of a gate valve.

Valves and Accessories Service in Large-Scale Operation

For the first time, the Kremsmueller valves and accessories service was involved during the big shutdown in Schwechat – and withstood its baptism with fire

Since the beginning of last year, Kremsmueller has had an expert team for valves and accessories servicing. Plant parts like ball cocks, gate valves, hatches, bubble memories, various valves and many other parts are maintained and repaired in a separate workshop. Even online checks on safety valves can be carried out – with an internally developed and certified test apparatus.

This April the team appeared for the big practical test. For the first time, it was also involved in the turnaround in the Schwechat Refinery. Within 23 days, about 900 safety valves were inspected, serviced and certified afresh, all in time. A job that was possible in this time frame only owing to the proximity to the refinery and a sophisticated logistics concept. Apart from the valves and accessories service, Kremsmueller was also represented by the materials testing department with two X-ray teams during the 2016 shutdown in Schwechat. The extremely low error rate in the weld seams once again proved how superior the quality of this Kremsmueller core competence is.

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Kremsmueller Valves and accessories service Safety valves Maintenance
Safety valve service in the Kremsmueller valves and accessories workshop at the Schwechat base.