Filming at Kremsmueller
… and action! Personnel Manager Harald Michlmair holds a question and answer session in the Welding Academy.

Upper Austria – The Land of Industry

The Association of Industrialists presented the top performers of the Upper Austrian industry. Kremsmueller is proud to be a member of this elite.

The Association of Industrialists uses short presentation films to showcase top enterprises such as   Rosenbauer, voestalpine and Kremsmueller.  The presentation films are shown by several local stations.
The TV team revealed the Whole World of Industry at Kremsmueller. Because at headquarters, in the workshop and at the construction sites of the company group there is nothing to hide. Be it plasma cutting, pickling or welding – Kremsmueller experts have the secret recipe of quality.
The Karl Kremsmueller Welding Academy is also introduced. Personnel Manager Harald Michlmair: “For the past four years, we have been training tomorrow’s plant construction pros in this cutting-edge training facility.”
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