Factory workshop construction in Steinhaus
These formidable foundations are an indication of the size of the upcoming construction in the Steinhauser headquarters of Kremsmueller.


Kremsmueller’s ambitious investment program is taking giant steps.

Kremsmueller has continuously expanded its headquarters in Steinhaus in Upper Austria since its inception in the 1960’s. 2008 saw the start of a path-breaking investment program, for which the industrial plant manufacturer has earmarked 10 million Euro – a clear symbol of the Home of Quality in Austria.
The 1,900 m² factory workshop for the pipeworks construction is already standing. Kremsmueller has also enlarged the workshop for Instrumentation & Control at the parent factory. There are now an additional 200 sq. m. available for switch cabinet building, for the production, stores and archive.
2009 will also see big things happening in Steinhaus: Kremsmueller has ambitions to become one of the most important quality suppliers internationally in apparatus engineering. From the second quarter, imposing tanks and heavy-duty apparatuses will be built in a workshop 85 by 30 metres in size and 18 metres high. There will be 4 crane systems with a hoisting capacity of 300 tonnes provided for the purpose. Investments are also being made in engineering office capacity: a new 4-floor office building will also come up at the site in the course of the workshop construction.
Last year, a new factory workshop was built at the Schwechat site (Lower Austria). The approx. 1,900 m² factory workshop is a state-of-the-art facility. Parts  of the prefabricated pipework and telecommunications engineering are located here.