Gas condenser
The instrumentation of the condensers is extremely complex.

Unique in All of Austria

How a gas condenser station makes an important contribution to securing essential supplies.

The new station in the South Styrian community of Weitendorf compresses the gas in the three parallel TAG pipelines. But pressure for the natural gas transport is not the only thing generated here. A steam power process gives rise to heat that is converted into electrical energy. No less than 28,500 households can be supplied energy in this manner. A unique project in all of Austria.
Installation of three 25 MW gas condensers, setting up the earthing systems and distributors, cabling, instrumentation, external lighting, explosion-proof building installation, etc., etc. In the planning, prefabrication and installation,  Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau proved its competence as a complete provider. The highlight is a mobile fuel gas meter on a newly developed explosion-proof vehicle. By using this instrument,  the measurement results are corrected and are thus much more precise. The project was completed in time in just 11 months.
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Gas cooler
With its 16 motors, the completed gas cooler will supply all three condensers. The blower tower in the background secures the plant in an emergency.
The accompanying heating system of the fuel gas pipe is installed in the trench. The filter separators (on the right) and the instrumentation in the fuel gas building (on the left) were installed by experts from Kremsmueller.
Gas measurement station
The protective boxes shield the transmitter from the wind and the weather. The monitoring of the gas pressure and temperature is thus fail-safe.