Stainless steel parts are pickled by spraying or dipping to protect them from corrosion.

Ultra-modern pickling plant completed

Customers from all over Austria have their stainless steel parts pickled in Steinhaus. There are hardly any other comparable facilities in the vicinity.

After three years in the planning and construction phase, the new ultra-modern pickling plant at Steinhaus has been completed. With this investment, Kremsmueller is streets ahead of the competition – for one, because the pickling plant is state-of-the-art, and secondly because thanks to its sheer size, it is also possible to pickle huge parts.

Stainless steel elements with a weight up to 100 tonnes can be treated and protected from corrosion. The dimensions are decisive: there is an area of 15.5x25m available for pickling even the largest parts by the spraying method. Series and small batches can be efficiently handled in several dip tanks.

Facilities that can pickle such large parts are rare. As a result, customers from all over Austria send their parts to Steinhaus. About 1350 orders are processed in a year. Nonetheless, short delivery times are guaranteed.

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Huge stainless steel parts can be processed in the new pickling plant.
Dip pickling
In the dip pickling method, components are treated in an innovative process. The pickling and flushing process are carried out in a double pit.