Üdüwüdü Schwechat
Thanks to Kremsmueller quickly stepping in to provide help, the Youth Festival was held without any problems.


First Aid for Youth Centre

For the Schwechat-based youth centre with the catchy-sounding name of Üdüwüdü, Kremsmueller provided "First Aid" of a somewhat different kind. The youth club was planning to hold a youth festival. However, the necessary electrical equipment was not available. Once again, a Kremsmueller team came quickly to the rescue.

Quickly and without any red tape, Kremsmueller made whatever was required available. In addition, the team also took care of the required HVACR aspects, such as the ventilation of the hall where the event was to be held. The Kremsmueller employees were also at hand to provide help during the technical acceptance by the government authorities.

For years now, Kremsmueller has supported social organisations and associations. In the course of time, "Kremsmueller 4 Life", the social programme of the Group, has made a good name for itself. It represents quick and reliable help to out-of-the-ordinary social projects. Kremsmueller is happy to step up even at very short notice when required.

The Üdüwüdü youth club has already been in existence for 27 years. It is run by youth for youth on an honorary basis. Üdüwüdü offers a large number of recreational activities to help young people evolve and discover individual talents and educate themselves further.

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