ÖBB Spullersee power plant: welding on mountain slopes
Enrico and his team doing a fantastic job at the ÖBB Spullersee power station.

ÖBB Spullersee power plant: welding on mountain slopes

In challenging operations on the mountainside, Kremsmüller employees lived up to their reputation as the best skilled workers on the market.

During renovation work on the ÖBB Spullersee power station in Vorarlberg, highly skilled welders were urgently needed at short notice, and Kremsmüller was called upon to supply them. The challenges lay above all in the extremely rugged terrain with its limited accessibility, and in the weather conditions on the mountain. As can be seen in the video, the team led by site manager Enrico carried out welding operations directly on the precipice at gradients of up to 45 degrees. As the location was so exposed, the team members were regularly ferried to the site by helicopter. Battling against the wind, cold, rain and snow, the welders did a fantastic job.

Gregor Kremsmüller commented: “This operation, which was carried out so professionally, is a great achievement by one of our traditional divisions and demonstrates how strong we are in our core competencies”.

Markus Wippersberger, the ÖBB project manager, was also delighted: “The challenges of this project lay in the timing, the exceedingly demanding operations in terms of technology, as well as the extremely harsh terrain. The ÖBB is very satisfied with the performance of the Austrian steel construction companies that worked proactively on this project. The quality they have provided is not something that should be taken for granted.”

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