Heat reservoir
Work being carried out on the heat reservoir at dizzying heights.

Two new heat reservoirs for Germany

Berlin’s biggest heat reservoir was built by the Kremsmueller Group. At present, there is another one coming up in Dessau

The heat reservoir project in Berlin has now been completed. An existing oil tank was refitted with new process engineering and jacketed with 50 centimetre thick insulation. The heat reservoir, now converted, has a volume of 10,000 cubic metres and has been additionally enhanced with a “Power-to-Heat” plant. Thanks to the measures taken, the excess heat energy produced can be temporarily stored for several days practically without any losses.The environment balance is thus improved, the CO2 emission in Berlin sustainably reduced.

The high quality of the work and the smooth execution of the work in Berlin formed the basis of another heat reservoir project in Germany. A new heat reservoir, 40 metres in height and weighing 550 tonnes, with a volume of 20,000 cubic metres, is presently coming up in Dessau. This is a large order with completion planned for February 2017.

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