Planning, manufacture, transport and assembly. A deluxe challenge.

Two giants

Dramatic project in the history of the Steinhaus-based workshop

The Steinhaus-based tank construction division was entrusted by a leading global chemical group with the manufacture of distillation columns. The columns were manufactured within a period of 6 months. They will go down in the company’s history – and this is not an exaggeration, as „the two giants“. Height of column one: 40m. Height of column two: 70m. Diameter: 4,2m.

Manufacture, transport and not least, the installation at the site were the responsibility of the Steinhaus team. The project was thus an absolute challenge to anyone who was involved in it. The columns were made from the substance Duplex. This material is rust-free, acid-resistant and has a higher strength than the traditional chromium-nickel steels. But Duplex demands everything in terms of ability and experience from the welder.

The new production shop in Steinhaus made it possible to manufacture the 40m columns in one piece. The 70m giant was split. Therefore, transporting the gigantic parts was in no way a routine matter…

Working jointly with a leading transport company, the enormous parts were transported to the factory of the customer 140km away. A special transporter with a so-called rostrum trailer was used for this purpose. The connection between the rear and front axles of the transporter was only the column. Including the tractor, the transport reached a length of more than 73m and a width and height of about 5m.

The two parts of the 70m column were welded together at the site in the standing state. Particular account had to be taken here of the welding seam shrinkage and one-sided sunlight incidence.

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transporting the columns
With a special transporter, it was possible to lift the load by up to 1.5m. Necessary with guide rails!
column lit
Illuminated. The columns in the Night of the Machines. Perfectly pictured conversational pieces.