Dosing containers
The dosing shuttles slide on tracks through the plant. They get their valuable cargo from the weigher bins.

Three times the capacity

Modernising the production of a multinational construction materials supplier. A case for Batchbin.

More efficiency; more flexibility with regard to capacity. That was what the customer expected. The revolutionary technology from Batchbin fitted the bill perfectly. The capacity of the modernised plant has now been tripled. From the time the order was received, just about 5 months passed up to the commissioning. "With our modular system, planning the system did not take time. It’s like playing Lego, but for adults", is how Batchbin COO  Kurt Steinwald explains the specialty of the system.
At the customer site, so called shuttle-containers scamper around through the production plant – partially in the existing production building, partially in a newly built annex. This is the flexibility that makes the powder-dosing system Batchbin so unique. At more than 30 stations, materials in powder form are dosed exactly into the shuttles. The customer can now mix his powder-form construction materials fully automatically, and accurate to the gram.
The plant construction division of Kremsmueller took care of the automation. The entire electrical and electronic equipment including the instrumentation and control was planned and assembled by our experts. 10 RFID position detectors were installed so that the progress of the production can be monitored exactly. There was also a role in the plant for 1,500 signals, 71 frequency converters and 120 Profibus subscribers, and 15,000 metres of cables and control wires were laid.
In keeping with the expectations of the customer, the formula and batch management were designed especially ergonomically. The plant can therefore be comfortably operated by just one employee.
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Transportation tracks
The Batchbin shuttle makes its way towards the packaging plant.
From the engineering and the assembly to the automation and visualisation, Kremsmueller and Batchbin provide a complete package.