Three more heat storage tanks for SWK Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern

A total of six heat storage tanks play an important role in the energy transition

Kremsmüller delivered three heat storage tanks, each 30 metres long, to Kaiserslautern back in 2017. This was the start of the construction of a heat storage system in Kaiserslautern. The system was integrated into one of the two district heating networks of the municipal utility company at the start of the 2017/2018 heating period.

In 2022, the second SWK district heating network was also expanded to include a heat storage facility. For this purpose, another three heat storage tanks were needed, each weighing 85 tonnes, with a diameter of 4 metres and a volume of 340 m³.

Christine Langolf, Head of the Generation Department at SWK, cited the smooth operation and the technical advantages of the Kremsmüller heat storage tanks as the main reasons for commissioning Kremsmüller again. In addition, Ms Langolf appreciated both the very good cooperation during the entire duration of the project, as well as effective handling and good communication.

During the first delivery in 2017, the heat storage tanks were still allowed to be transported in one piece due to the regulations in force at the time. Now they were delivered separately in 10-metre-long sections and then welded together on site. Below you can see a SWK video of the delivery and assembly of the heat storage tanks.

The new heat accumulators have made SWK’s combined heat and power plant even more efficient. Surplus heat generated during electricity production can now be stored and fed into the district heating network as needed. This is an important contribution to environmental protection, as it reduces the use of primary energy sources by up to a third, with far fewer emissions.