Kremsmueller 4 Life animal therapy
As social beings, dogs offer the possibility of multifarious experiences, thus supporting the day-to-day therapeutic treatment.

Therapists on four legs

Traumatised children learn social skills with trained dogs in the “Europahaus des Kindes”

At present, 27 children and adolescents between the ages of four and 18 are being taken care of in three social-pedagogical care groups in Vienna. In order that not just the competent team of caregivers, but also their four-legged partners are trained in the best possible manner for their deployment, Kremsmueller 4 Life sponsored courses for theoretical and practical training in the aspects of the social-pedagogical everyday life.

In three to four workshops, a professional animal behaviourist will treat specific topics like the body language of the dog, basic obedience, supervision and management, so the dogs and in consequence, also the children, have a relaxed and pleasant stay.

The dog as a social being can have a positive effect on the development of these crisis-shaken fosterlings in many ways. For example, the children will learn to take care of another being, to take its needs into consideration, and to act in a responsible manner. For children suffering from development deficit, depression, stress disorders and disability to concentrate, these so-called presence dogs are the ideal partners of the social pedagogues for therapeutic purposes.

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