Public Viewing
Kremsmueller set up the LED video wall at Vienna's Danube canal.

The Video Wall That Turns Away

The services of Kremsmueller were in demand for the public viewing of the football championships.

The Flex by the Danube canal in Vienna had been completely caught up in the fever of the football championships in the summer of 2010. The music club offered a public viewing facility of the FIFA World Football Championships in its premises outdoors. Only a suitable LED video wall was needed for the live transmission from South Africa. A job that the experts from Kremsmueller completed within five weeks, right in time before the kick-off.
However, at times other than during the games, the view of the Danube had to be left unobstructed. After all, the mega-screen was to be installed in the historic Inner City of Vienna. A sensitive solution was thus required. And Kremsmueller came up with the correct idea: the Video Wall is rotatable through 90°. A mechanical process that takes just a few minutes. Of course, safety is an all-important factor. Therefore, the spindle is self-locking at standstill. 5,652 kg of steel construction by Kremsmueller carry the Video Wall.
More than 1,000 fans followed Spain, as it grabbed the championship, at the Danube canal. The original plan was to dismantle the video wall after the 64 WC matches. But the success of the project encouraged Flex to use the video wall for future events as well.