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Technology of the Kremsmueller brand. This horizontal dryer is going to China. For the thermal separation of media, the materials must be able to withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius. The materials were stressed up to their limit, but nonetheless, the premier trial run was successful and fully vibration-free

Technology Finds its Way into Production

High-precision mechanical engineering, complex processes, challenging special materials ? Kremsmüller is gaining a foothold in process technology.

Kremsmüller is in prime position when it comes to process equipment engineering. In recent months, the requisite infrastructure has been created for this purpose. While Kremsmüller is optimally positioned in terms of electrical instrumentation and control technology, and automation technology, the adaptations for the new production steps have now been implemented in the production halls.

To this end, a special scaffold tower was built for the process equipment, enabling trial operations to be carried out in a vertical position. In a complex but necessary undertaking, the finished apparatus had to be dismantled again and the components lifted over the hall roof using a special crane and then assembled vertically with the utmost precision. The trial operation serves to guarantee the planned values. Only after this quality assurance is the apparatus ready for delivery.

Kremsmüller is breaking new ground in this segment. In order to be able to serve a multitude of industries, it is necessary to establish strong partnerships with engineering consultancies. In the field of thermal separation technology, as is the case with thin film evaporators, for example, we have built up our know-how in-house. Thus, in cooperation with the other departments of Kremsmüller it is possible to offer a unique complete package without any interfaces.

All aspects of evaporator technology, including process engineering, feasibility studies and pilot plants, are completely covered by experts at Kremsmüller. The result is already apparent ? the first projects have been successfully completed and further challenging projects are already in the pipeline.

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Manufacturing dryer special apparatus Kremsmueller
Motorised apparatuses like this vertical thin-layer evaporator are assembled for the trial run. A special scaffold tower was erected for the purpose. The individual components are hoisted above the roof of the shop in millimetre-precise work.