Tank Farm Construction in the Far North

For the third consecutive year Kremsmüller is present on the construction site in Wilhelmshaven. A new project awaits us in Rotterdam.

Work at the Wilhelmshaven tank farm will continue in the third year after the go-ahead in 2015. This year, pipelines, tanks and the loading stations were renovated. Three thousand five hundred metres of supply lines were laid, filter stations set up and around 1,500 seams welded. In addition, work on the jet fuel plant was successfully completed. This plant supplies Leipzig Airport with aviation fuel. Work is currently underway on the recommissioning of the VRU system for gas recirculation. The project should be completed by the end of 2018.

A new comprehensive project has been underway in Rotterdam since the beginning of 2017. While a refinery in Wilhelmshaven was converted into a tank farm, a completely new tank farm is being constructed in the port of Rotterdam. Kremsmüller was entrusted with the simultaneous installation of eight flat-bottom tanks. The total volume of these tanks is 200,000 m³. Four thousand nine hundred tons of steel plates will be used for this purpose. What’s more, installation of the 13,000-metre pipeline system and fire protection began at the end of April ? complete with the necessary supports and fittings. In addition to the tank and pipeline construction, Kremsmüller also undertook the steelwork assembly to the extent of around 600 tons. Follow-up projects are already in the pipeline.

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