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Thanks to passing the final examination and completing the course, Tom Koppler rose on his personal career ladder to become a foreman.

Supplementary Training with Great Added Benefit

The first participants have now completed the programme with an apprenticeship certificate. Two years with 600 training hours lie behind them.

In 2015, the Upper Austrian Institute for Economic Advancement (WIFI OÖ), together with Jobmeister and the Kremsmüller Telecommunications Technology Division, initiated the additional training of skilled workers as part of the Company Internal Training (FIT) initiative. The entire training period to become an electrical building technician lasted 24 months. The fitters completed a total of 600 hours, including preparation for the final apprenticeship examination.

Juggling job contracts and training demanded a lot from everyone involved – and yet it paid off. “The supplementary training has given me nothing but advantages – both in terms of my position and financially,” says Tom Koppler proudly, a newly qualified senior fitter. “Some of the trainees wouldn’t even have dared to dream of completing an apprenticeship and are thrilled that theory, practice and job could be so well combined with FIT.”

This training scheme was made possible by social and training funds (SWF)

Through the full commitment of all those involved, it was possible to create a real showcase project in the further training of skilled workers. We are looking forward to welcoming many more Jobmeister colleagues who would like to seize this “second chance” opportunity to upgrade their qualifications!

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