Successful maintenance in twelve days

At peak times, there were up to 130 staff in action at Borealis in Linz. They were all part of the turnaround in the ammonia plant

A great deal of maintenance work had to be carried out within 12 days in the ammonia plant at Borealis in Linz. At peak times, about 130 Kremsmueller fitters were present at the site. They worked on the heat exchangers, tanks, columns, pipelines, fittings and safety valves, as well as I&C and the repairs of slotted tubes. The latter are the the core of the plant – they split ammonia into hydrogen and nitrogen gas. The original 6 repair welding works became 17, which were nonetheless all carried out in the specified time. Kremsmueller carried out the work on the high-pressure flange joints using bolt tensioning. This involves the use of a high-performance hydraulic assembly, which is essential when working on such large components.

Thanks to the precise work preparation and planning, all the work was carried out successfully within the given time frame, despite unexpected additional work being required – while complying with high safety standards. In fact, four Kremsmueller employees were awarded the “Shut down Safety Champion” prize by the customer for their exemplary commitment.

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