Storage system conveying system Kremsmueller
This conveying system is 3 kilometres long. Just the conveyor section shown in the picture is 140 metres.

Storage and Conveyor Systems by Kremsmüller

For more than a year now, Kremsmüller has been operating in the area of storage and conveyor systems. Time to put the spotlight on this division.

The focus of the services offered by Kremsmüller lies on the mechanical assembly of the plants and equipment as well as support right up to commissioning. At present, we are pushing ahead with integrated projects, which also include electrical and control technology.

The Storage and Conveying Systems Division manages projects throughout Europe. Several commissions in the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Germany have already been successfully completed, including a challenging installation in a deep-freeze warehouse. The existing conveyor technology was upgraded at minus 28 degrees Celsius. The Swiss project was no less special due to its dimensions. Elements of up to 5.5 t had to be lifted over the roof into the hall by means of a special crane and subsequently screwed together at a height of 33 m.

“We are currently working on a plant extension in Holland. Special hygiene regulations must be observed in this project as food is processed there,” explains the division manager, describing the most recent situation.

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Storage system conveying system Kremsmueller
Eleven load trains, 41 lift doors and heavy elements up to 22 metres high and 5.5 tonnes in weight were installed here.