Otada. Crafted with pride.

Standing on their own two feet

Professional business plan and branding concept for teenage mums

The Panairobi association develops workshops for young mothers from the Mathare Slum in Nairobi, in which they learn different types of craftsmanship. This gives rise to fashion, jewellery, bags and accessories, which, in their uniqueness, reflect the colourful culture and zest for life of Kenya. Kremsmueller 4 Life pitched in to help the association to market the products professionally.

For this purpose, Kremsmueller worked out a customised business plan and helped in the development of a complete branding concept, including a logo, and folder and brochure material. By brainstorming together, a suitable brand name was also found for the products made by the women: Otada. It is a Swahili term and means “Remain strong, no matter what comes your way”.

While the young women work in the workshops, Panairobi looks after the children. Through donations and charitable campaigns, children from the slum get a hot meal every day, and they are also looked after in the holidays. In an additional school sponsoring program, Panairoibi also makes it possible for street children to attend school.

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