The Software Technology Team
The Kremsmueller Softwaretechnik team. Joachim Kalcher, Robert Fischer and Gregor Kremsmueller.

Software brand “Kremsmueller”

The software company “Base57” becomes a part of the Kremsmueller Group

Since 2009, the Kremsmueller subsidiary KTT (Kremsmueller Tankstellentechnik) has been working in close co-operation with the software experts base57 from Tulln. The core products of base57 include a highly developed management and cash system for the service station sector. Based on this product, the software for KTT’s in-house development InoSmart was realised. Robert Fischer, CEO of KTT has this to say: „The cash point terminal InoSmart processes a large number of business cases, from the classical automatic fuel pump to charging of electric cars. The joint solution of this complex task with base57 has exceeded all expectations. With this company now being in the Group, we expect to come up with a large number of innovations in the coming years.“
The company was deliberately not integrated in KTT, but will go under the name of Kremsmueller Softwaretechnik GmbH“ in future. This is to express the ambition of succeeding even outside the service station sector. Gregor Kremsmueller, Junior Head of the Group has this to say: „The recipe for success of base57 is a sort of modular system for software, called ‚Galaxy’. Using it as the basis, it is possible to create particularly stable software for the most varied applications. These strengths of the system come to the fore especially when a lot of components, devices and measuring instruments interact. That is precisely why we want to offer tailor-made software‘ in future to our industrial customers as well.“ How reliable the software of the Tulln-based group is has been demonstrated in reference projects for the French and European Air Traffic Control. Here, base57 developed essential components for the safe processing and recording of voice communication.
The company will continue to be headed by the base57 CEO  Joachim Kalcher. For him, the common synergistic effects are obvious: „Software with a large number of supplementary services was always our motto. The association with the KTT service network will now place it clearly a level higher. All of a sudden, we are now able to make available experts for communications devices and the most varied technical equipment over a large coverage area and round-the-clock. A feature that clearly distinguishes us from the competition in the software sector.“
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