Dance performance in Ploiesti
The children of Concordia Village thanked the organizers of this year’s social project with a dance performance.

Social Project 2007

“A Helping Hand for Children” is the theme of this year’s social project of the Kremsmueller Group.

Only a few kilometers from the new Kremsmueller Romania base lies the “City of Children.” This made it easy to quickly find the venue of Kremsmueller’s social project for this year. This was an opportunity for our employees to prove one thing: The international collaboration of our companies is in great shape.
The story of Concordia began in 1991. With a fully-loaded minibus and sleeping bags, the Austrian Father Georg Sporschill took off for Romania. By now, Concordia operates numerous facilities for children in need. The “City of Children” was founded in 2002 in Ploiesti. Ninety-one children and adolescents live there in a family-like setting with their support workers. A variety of activities serve as therapy for the residents. They help them forget their difficult past and look ahead to a promising future.
Karate at Concordia
The karate team is looking forward to their new training equipment. Now they will be able to train under the same conditions as the Romanian national team.