Maintaining the cash point system
The service engineers from Kremsmueller were right in the thick of things. Soccer legend Peter Stöger is being interviewed just a few metres away.

Site of deployment: EURO 2008

There’s a bit of Kremsmueller lurking everywhere! At EURO 2008 too, there was no getting away from the industrial systems manufacturer.

There was a lot to be done behind the scenes of the European Soccer Championships. Kremsmueller set up and commissioned the cash points of the Swiss venues – a total of 122 cash points in Berne, Basel, Geneva and Zurich. In 15 matches, service engineers from Kremsmueller provided comprehensive support for the systems. Just 2 cash points failed briefly during a match: the rain during the Switzerland-Turkey match was just too heavy…
The Kremsmueller experts were in demand in Austria too. They set up the fastest telecommunications network in Austria. This ensured trouble-free transmission of pictures during the EURO. The mobile phone network was also enhanced so that every spectator could immediately report live on his team’s goals. Kremsmueller set up numerous transmission stations for fail-safe enjoyment of the games.
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