Thin film dryer
Clear sludge dryer for Suez in Yangzhou, China

Sewage sludge dryer for Suez in Yangzhou, China

The project paves the way for future orders in the field of environmental technology

For a sewage sludge incineration plant in the Chinese city of Yangzhou, Kremsmueller supplied two thin-film dryers, each with an area of 50 m². Each dryer can dry 5 tons of pre-dewatered sewage sludge to 2.2 tons, increasing the degree of drying from 20% to 46%. The sewage sludge can then be incinerated in fluidized bed furnaces without additional energy. The energy from the incineration process is also recovered and used.

The client is Suez S.A., based in France, a listed company with over 89,000 employees and one of the world’s largest corporations in the environmental sector.

Although Corona made the project considerably more difficult, it was successfully completed. Both a visit by a delegation from China and a successful audit were carried out before coronavirus hit in March 2020. Visits from or to China were impossible from this point onwards. Nevertheless, work continued unhindered. Interim audits and a test run (FAT test), which would normally have been attended by a customer representative, were carried out via video transmission and protocols. The installation of the thin film dryers in Yangzhou in December 2021 was also accompanied by Kremsmueller’s experts via video transmission and was thus successfully completed.

Despite all the challenges, the two dryers have been operating successfully since June 2022. Jiang Tao, Member of the Management Board of Suez China, expressed his thanks for the excellent cooperation and both sides are looking forward to future joint projects.

Liu Qingwei, Project Manger SUEZ and Wu Zhibin, Project Manager SUEZ commented as follows: “The dryers were commissioned in September 2022 and have been working continuously since then, achieving the agreed performance. We are very satisfied with the technical performance of the Kremsmueller team, especially with overcoming the difficulties due to COVID 19. We recommend Kremsmueller’s thin film technology for the environmentally friendly disposal of sewage sludge.”

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