JobMeister education
The JobMeister staff training to become electrical and building services engineers. In a year and a half, they will have a second qualification over and above their original academic qualification.

Second Academic Path with JobMeister

In collaboration with Wifi Linz, JobMeister now facilitates an additional qualification in the area of electrical engineering and building services technology

Motivation, commitment and the will to educate themselves further. That is what drives and distinguishes many employees of the personnel services provider JobMeister. Now, some of them have the opportunity of a second academic path as electrical and building services engineers.

The courses started in December in the Wifi in Linz. The young folk have already passed the first module, “Safety engineering”, with distinction. At present, they are tackling general electrical engineering. In a year and a half, they will have a second educational qualification as a reinforcement for their professional career.

The benefits of the courses for both the sides are obvious. Thanks to the additional qualification, the JobMeister employees will have more opportunities for their professional careers. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, the personnel services provider JobMeister will have highly qualified employees available.

At present, the electrical engineers-to-be also work in the telecommunications department of Kremsmueller, where they are gathering lots of valuable practical experience and can also employ what they have learned perfectly.

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