cable end
The ends of an HV cable consist of a number of highly sensitive individual parts. They are put together piece by piece, taking up a tremendous amount of effort.

Salutări din România!

High voltage in Romania

Here to stay. That’s the motto of Kremsmueller Romania. The I&C engineers are in continuous deployment all over Romania. One ambitious modernisation project follows the next here. As a result, in 2012, our I&C professionals executed one project after another under the impressive name „Power Distribution Ramp”. A special challenge…

What this involved was the complete shutdown of an electric supply station and the installation of the new energy distribution. In doing so, the heavy transformer of the old plant, weighing more than 60 tonnes, was dismantled and the area was cleaned up. The team then used a special flat-bed truck to bring the new transformer to the power station. To provide the input supply to the new transformer, the HV cables had to be laid afresh and technically matched to new standards.

Operating from Ploiesti, which is the headquarters of the Romanian Kremsmueller branch, the I&C experts, as also the pipeline construction experts, are active all over Romania. Owing to the extreme weather conditions alone, every project in Romania becomes a special challenge. So far, the pipeline construction specialists have laid about 35km of pipeline between the crude oil sources and the processing plants.

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