Safety prize Kremsmueller
Absolute professionalism even in the area of safety at work. Sorin Mihalace and Florian Nicolae from Kremsmueller Romania holding the safety prize.

Safety prize…

…for the professional performance of Kremsmueller when Romania’s biggest refinery was shut down

As one of seven main contractors, Kremsmueller Romania was entrusted with the execution of the biggest refinery shutdown in the last 15 years. More than 400 employees of Kremsmueller put in a total of about 135,000 man-hours. During the entire plant shutdown procedure, there was not even a single untoward incident. The customer, one of the world’s leading petrochemicals groups, recognised this achievement with their safety prize.

Apart from the classical inspection work such as carrying out pressure checks or examining heat exchangers, electrical equipment, boilers and valves, Kremsmueller Romania simultaneously executed projects in the areas of instrumentation and control and pipeline construction.

For example, Kremsmueller teams optimised the internal gas network of the refinery, automated the controller of the coker plant and hence significantly enhanced the safety of the plant. For the gas-oil separator ramp, the team set up a new pumping station and a new electrical control room. In addition, three intermediate storage tanks were modernised from an electrical engineering standpoint, thus substantially improving the economic efficiency of the plant.

Thanks to intense preparation, Kremsmueller Romania was able to carry out all the project and inspection work to the fullest satisfaction of the customer, and above all, without incident, within the period of the plant shutdown.

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