Safety at the construction site
Thinking 'Safety': A backbone of the company philosophy since it was founded.

Safety has Top Priority

On the safe side: Kremsmüller’s priorities are healthy employees and an intact environment.

The SCC (safety certificate contractor) certificate is a symbol of greater safety, healthier employees and exemplary environment protection. Since many years now, the TÜV checks whether the Kremsmueller Group is in compliance with the SCC standards. An SCC audit took place this spring as well. The safety management of the Kremsmueller Group was examined for three days. And found to be ‘very good’.
A continuous reduction in the frequency of accidents is one of the standards. In the last 12 years, Kremsmueller has been able to drastically reduce the number of accidents: there were 75 percent less accidents in 2007, with a far greater number of total working hours.
It is envisaged that the frequency of accidents should reduce in future. Therefore, Kremsmüller improves the safety system continuously. At present, the emphasis is on training safety experts and first aid specialists. The final goal of all these initiatives is: "Zero workplace accidents". And every year, the Kremsmueller Group comes ever closer to this objective.
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