The Safety Board. Just one of the many measures related to safety at work that are taken in the Kremsmueller Group. There is one put up at every construction site and it is updated monthly with the current safety topics, accident statistics and tips for safety at work.

Safe? With certainty!

Number of accidents at work continues to drop

A glance at the statistics is enough to show the safety experts at Kremsmueller what they work indefatigably every day to achieve. The number of accidents at work in 2012 dropped by 20% as compared to 2011. The goal of "Zero Accidents" is thus really coming more and more within reach.
This is the result of numerous and varied training sessions related to the subject of safety at the workplace. And the result of the untiring search for and procurement of the highest quality of work equipment. And naturally, also of the personal protection equipment of every individual employee, which is always kept state-of-the-art.
But Kremsmueller never takes the good results achieved in previous years as reason to lean back and relax. The experts in the Group work relentlessly at ensuring an even higher level of safety, at pointing out shortcomings and sensitizing the employees ever more on this subject.
To that end, every year, Kremsmueller honours three employees with the safety and environment prize for their outstanding achievements in this area. After all, these outstanding figures can only be reached with the involvement of every individual.
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The personal protection equipment. Kremsmueller employees are always provided the highest quality work clothing.