In action for the reliable gas supply to Austria.

Safe distribution of gas

In action for Austria’s gas supply

The supraregional high-pressure natural gas pipeline  „Südschiene" or Southern Line was installed in Austria to guarantee the safety of supply even in future. Kremsmueller was entrusted with the planning, installation and documentation of the new slide gate valve and control station of this important supply line. The Southern Line has been successfully in operation since October and supplies large parts of Austria with gas.
The 120 kilometre long high-pressure pipe stretches from the town of Gänserndorf via Velm, Eggendorf and Peisching/Hohe Wand to the hand-over station at Semmering. An urgent need for the expansion had been felt in recent years. Gas consumers in South Austria were already facing significant capacity problems. Now, all the requirements for power plants, bulk consumers and households in the south of Austria can be covered reliably.
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