Kremsmueller nitrogen tanks
Each nitrogen tank weighs 150 tonnes and has a wall thickness of 105mm.

Russian Standard

Two thick-walled buffer tanks for a Russian chemical company

Hardly a year has passed since the completion of the huge investment project at the Steinhaus site, but the production facility is once again bursting at the seams. This is because between pipe segments and components for large projects in the hydroelectric power sector, there are two buffer tanks with really unusual dimensions that catch the eye…

The tanks are designed specially for storing nitrogen, which explains the wall thickness of 105 mm: the overpressure is 250 bar, corresponding to a load of 250 kg per cm2. Therefore, the project team had to exactly tailor the material and the design to the stringent requirements of the chemical industry.

The pressure test that was performed before the acceptance was also successful. In the presence of representatives of the Russian customer, the Kremsmueller project team subjected the tanks, each weighing 150 tonnes, to a pressure of 360 bar for exactly 60 minutes. The result: first-class quality work from Austria.

All performance data on the apparatus and tank construction can be found here.

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Kremsmueller Tank Construction
The heating coils that are welded on are required for attaining the operating temperature.