Kremsmueller 4 Life intarconnect
The reconstruction is supported by a mentoring program.

Rebuilding in Former War Zone

Kremsmüller 4 Life donated to a mentoring programme in Srebrenica, Bosnia, with safety equipment, materials and scholarships.

Intarconnect is a Rotaract mentoring program for adolescents and young adults who travel to Bosnia once a year to work with displaced families to build homes for their resettlement.

The Srebrenica region suffered the most in the Bosnian war and is still marked by it today. The programme supports families who were unable to flee abroad at the time and who are still financially incapable of rebuilding their residential and farm buildings. For the most part, the land is still owned by the families.

The selection is made locally on the basis of qualified research by the organisation “Farmers help farmers”. The Austrian EUROR soldiers active in Srebrenica report very positively on the project and the award procedures. The houses are built on two floors with a timber frame construction and thermal insulation. The family is responsible for constructing the foundation slab and is required to assist with the building work. Kremsmüller lent the team a helping hand by supplying suitable safety equipment. We also provided funds for materials and ongoing costs as well as scholarships for the committed mentees.

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Kremsmueller 4 Life intarconnect
The houses are built on land belonging to the selected families.