Kremsmueller 4 Life, Wels Women's Shelter
Gabriele Oberlinninger, Anna Eisenrauch (from the left) and the director of the battered women's shelter Sonja Duda (right) accepted the sponsorship sign from Gregor Kremsmueller.

Radiant Children’s Eyes in the Women’s Shelter

The brand new premises of the Women’s Shelter in Wels boast a fully equipped playroom, which is of high educational value and a source of great pleasure.

Verbal abuse, physical blows, kicks and much worse: For outsiders, it is hard to imagine the effects of domestic violence on women, but when children are the victims, the consequences are incomprehensible. The women’s shelter in Wels, which recently moved into new, modern premises, is seen as a saviour by those in distress.

One room in particular is intended to make traumatised children’s eyes sparkle again and at least temporarily distract them from all their worries and fears. It contains equipment and games for children of all ages ? everything is provided from foam building blocks and wooden games of skill to table football and air hockey.

“We read the project description and knew immediately that we were going to do it. The room for the children is a great idea, sustainable and consequently a perfect project for our social programme”, explains Gregor Kremsmüller, proprietor of the industrial plant construction company of the same name in Steinhaus. “I am now really looking forward to seeing the children’s eyes light up when they enter this room,” declared Sonja Duda, head of the Wels Women’s Shelter happily, shortly before moving into the new premises.

The women’s shelter in Wels not only offers accommodation in emergency situations but also offers important and enlightening counselling by a team of educators, psychologists and lawyers.

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